Taeil Lee

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Most Recent Affiliation:

  • Seoul National University and Korea University


  • Korea


  • SIGGRAPH 2019

    Taeil Lee has Industrial Design background holding B.S at KAIST and M.Des at Institute of Design, IIT. He has been teaching Interaction Design and Product Design in Korea University and other universities for about 18 years, and working for korean companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG electronics etc. in various Interaction Design research projects. He has been always interested in prototyping interactions, playing with Processing and Arduino, and now tries to change gears to more artistic arena after all those years.

Writings and Presentations:

  • Title: Numb
    Writing Type: Sketch / Art Talk
    Exhibition: SIGGRAPH Asia 2019: Deep Dreaming
    Abstract Summary:

    Numb, shaped as an exaggerated eyeball, follows you and reflects the blinks of yours. It makes you become aware of your own blinking and sensitive to your own sensation. Numb illustrates how we build relationship with technology through senses, and how we become sensitive to ourselves by and with technology.