Tai-Wei Kan: Life Twitter Live

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    Life Twitter Live



Artist Statement:

    As the Internet becomes more and more popular and advanced, people want to keep online and share his/her status with friends at any time and any place. Because of this trend, all kinds of websites that provide social networking services, such as Twitter, become very popular rapidly. However, as more and more social networking users demanding higher immediateness and interaction, using mobile device to send message or to tweet their status is still insufficient. Consequently, we start to integrate everyday commodities (such as coffee mug) with electronic sensors. These reformed commodities or furniture in the living space can communicate with computer through wireless channel, so that the system could know the current status of the user. With this configuration, the system would tweet what we are doing to Twitter website. For example, when we turn off the light at the living room and get ready to go to bed late at night, the system would send message such as “I am going to bed, good night” automatically because the light is obviously dimmed; or when the user holds his/her mug, the system would send message such as “so thirsty, let’s have a cup of mocha”. During the exhibition, participants can share own private status with worldwide friends by just a simply behavior of using these reformed commodities or furniture. On the other hand, participants also can follow “Life Twitter” (account name is “”_test_dk””, http://twitter.com/_test_dk), and monitor everything in the exhibition space anytime anywhere. In summary, we propose a system that reshapes everyday commodities with sensors. When users use these reformed commodities, the system would tweet what they are doing.