Taisuke Murakami: Contact Water

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    Contact Water


Creation Year:



    Interactive installation


    3000mm x 6000mm



Artist Statement:

    My work is an installation made with MR technology. “MR” means “Mixed Reality.” This technology can mix physical space and computer graphics on HMD. I created a new medium for face to face communication. Co-developed with technical collaboration with Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory.

    Communication from human to human includes nuance, gesture as well as spoken language. Over time, numerous inventions of mass communication were developed which step by step took away the necessity of face to face contact. Today, communication technology via telephone, radio, TV, cellular phone, and the Internet is continuing to expand the human experience and the ability communicate globally, lessening in-person contact.

    A troubling aspect of these new technologies is that they eliminate in-person communication. In the “virtual” world, there is less and less need for physical presence when interacting with one another. Surrounded by various media, we are losing some of our humanistic communication skills. There are some feelings and information that can only be expressed by physically interacting with another human face to face.

    “Contact Water,” is the name of my work, and hopefully will become a tool to enable people to communicate face to face.

    When using this new medium, players at first sight will discover the importance of face to face communication, which is usually lacking in current media.

    They will also realize that in-person nonverbal communication through facial expressions and gestures are precious to us, and essential to communication.