Toshikazu Ohshima: Tactile Microcosm of ALife

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    Tactile Microcosm of ALife



Artist Statement:

    We undertake a physical mixed reality project in which we deal with digital existence and its physical counterpart using mixed reality technologies and tangible interfaces in real space. The digital entity can be a digitized or synthesized object, mathematical formula, computational algorithm, or simulated artificial life. We provide a physical interface to interact with the digital substance in a natural manner. Users can now naturally immerse themselves in virtual, digital, or conceptual things in a physical manner while they are conscious in real field. Moreover, they can expand their experience using the physical mixed reality devices, with which they can physically touch, feel, and share the digital entity in the real world. With this project, people can imagine and design virtual lifeforms, make their own artificial life, and test algorithms physically in a seamlessly merged physical and digital environment. Users can also learn about the life cycle of virtual lifeforms or virtual ecosystems in a created world on the device. Additionally, the simulated behavior of the artificial life occasionally presents chaotic and aesthetic scenery. We expect these devices to be used as a creative tool to stimulate and motivate users to learn, think, and dream about future of nature and humans.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Ritsumeikan University