Toshio Iwai: Composition on the Table No.1 [PUSH], No.2 [TWIST], No.3 [TURN], No.4 [SLIDE]

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    Composition on the Table No.1 [PUSH], No.2 [TWIST], No.3 [TURN], No.4 [SLIDE]


Creation Year:



    Interactive Installation


    4500mm x 8000mm x 8000mm



Artist Statement:

    Composition on the Table is a series of artwork which represent the concept of Mixed Reality. Four white tables have various user interfaces such as switches, dials, turn-tables and sliding boards that a player can touch. Projectors suspended from the ceiling project computer generated images onto the tables and interfaces. Projected images change in real time as if they were physically attached to the interfaces when players operate them. Also sounds are produced in relation to the movement of images. Since the interfaces have close relation to the reaction of images, players can operate images and sounds in the same way when he/she operates ordinary interfaces and gradually feels these illusions as equivalent as the actual objects.

    The aim of these works is to allow players and audiences to share the world of Mixed Reality thus produced and collaborate to create images and sounds interactively.