Chara Lewis

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  • Untitled Binary Dump
    Untitled Binary Dump
    [Hubert Hohn]
    [SIGGRAPH 1985
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    • Title: From Wunderkammern to Kinect – The Creation of Shadow Worlds
      Writing Type: Paper
      Exhibition: SIGGRAPH 2012: In Search of the Miraculous
      Abstract Summary:

      This paper focuses on two projects, Still Life No. 1 and Shadow Worlds | Writers’ Rooms [Brontë Parsonage], to reveal the creative approaches the authors take to site, technology, and the self in their production of shadow worlds as sites of wonder. Informed by the uncanny (re-animation and the double) and an interest in the limen (thresholds in the real and virtual realms), the projects explore white light and infrared digital 3D scanning technologies as tools for capture and transformation. The authors will discuss how they suture the past with the present and ways that light slips secretly between us, revealing other realms.