Jeff Thompson

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  • Stevens Institute of Technology

Art Show Reviewer:

Writings and Presentations:

  • Title: I Touch You And You Touch Me
    Writing Type: Sketch / Art Talk
    Exhibition: SIGGRAPH Asia 2017: Mind-Body Dualism
    Abstract Summary:

    We interact with our computers constantly, touching them more than we touch any person in our lives, and grooming them inside and out. For a month, I recorded all interactions with my phone and fed them into a machine learning system, which then output new, learned gestures. These “hallucinated” movements are awkward yet eerily accurate swipes, taps, and typing based on what my computer has learned from my interactions with it. Presented as an interactive sculpture, the gestures are enacted by a small robotic arm on the visitor’s palm as they sit at a low, altar-like table. Notions of “you,” “me,” and “I” are doubled, enacting the understanding of the machine and at the same time a self-portrait of my interaction.