Tomoe Moriyama

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  • Museum of Contemporary Art, University of Tokyo, and Tokyo Museum of Photography


  • Tokyo, Japan


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  • Title: Meta-visual/media/space - algorithmic "intersection," the new aspect of media art exhibition
    Writing Type: Essay
    Exhibition: SIGGRAPH 2006: Intersections
    Abstract Summary:

    When we start to think about “vision,” imaging, and our ways of perceiving the outside world, we must be clear about what we mean. Even in Japan, where imaging technologies play a central role, there are misunderstandings about what “imaging” is and what comes under its umbrella. By “imaging,” I mean the creation of images through any medium that is not simply manual: those that can be traced, reflected, photographed, reproduced, and projected. The term is not restricted to animation, video, film, or other means of creating pictures in motion. “Imaging” encompasses shadow play, magic lantern, anamorphoses, and all the processes of visualization. Since the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (TMMP) opened as a center for photography and other visual media, it has been important to discuss what “imaging” means.

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