Wei-Chun Chen


  • Taipei National University of the Arts


  • New Media Art Department

Job Title:

  • Graduate Student


  • TW


  • Wei-Chun Chen is currently a graduate student in the New Media Art Department at the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA). His expertise includes interactive art, graphic arts and visual design. He is interested in the abstract visual physical state, such as balance inquiry art. Chen’s work was included in the 2014 Taipei exhibition “The New Generation of Design.”


Art Works:

Writings and Presentations:

  • Title: Forces in Equilibrium
    Writing Type: Sketch / Art Talk
    Exhibition: SIGGRAPH Asia 2016: Mediated Aesthetics
    Abstract Summary:

    Forces in Equilibrium explores how equilibrium is formed out of chaos. The installation is comprised of two components. In the first component, a sensor is mounted under the top of a pedestal. When magnets are moved on the pedestal, images and sound on a nearby display become wild and unstable, as if the magnet has unusual powers. The second component is a seesaw controlled by a servomotor. When laser light lands on the seesaw, it tilts accordingly, as if the light has weight. The art works show both magnetic force and laser light as not merely ethereal but as entities capable of affecting images, sounds and movements.