Rhys Healy

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  • Australian National University, College of Engineering and Computer Science


  • Australia


  • Rhys Healy is a fifth-year undergraduate student at the Australian National University, undertaking a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and a Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours). Through his study, research and industry involvement he has developed an interest in statistical machine learning. In 2018. he worked with Data 61 at CSIRO and led a team of students to develop to design, create and optimise a tool for generative music composition using deep learning. Extending the work, he co-authored ‘Computer Assisted Computation in Continuous Time’, a paper under consideration for AAAI 2020. This research details the derivation and implementation of a sequential Monte-Carlo algorithm in continuous time, used for sampling music from a generative learning model conditioned on a set of musical constraints. Outside of my studies, Rhys plays cricket and AFL at a semi-professional level and have co-founded a local Indigenous tech firm specialising in automation, artificial intelligence and change management.

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