Art Show Jury Members

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This page contains all the SIGGRAPH Art Show jury members from 1980 to the present.

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Edward Shanken

     Art Papers Chair:      Art Paper Jury Member:      Presentation(s):      Presentations:

Vibeke Sorensen

     Chair:      Art Show Reviewer:      Artwork(s):

Jane Stevens

     Committee Member:

Gerfried Stocker


Victoria Szabo

     Chair:      Art Papers Chair:      Committee Member:      Jury Member:      Art Paper Jury Member:      Art Show Reviewer:

Nobuo Takahashi

     Committee Member:

Mariko Tanaka

     Committee Member:

Cristina Venegas

     Committee Member:      Presentations:

Noah Wardrip-Fruin

     Committee Member:      Custom Committee:      Art Paper Reviewer:      Artwork(s):
     Presentation(s):      Presentations:

Walter Wright


Yuka Yokoyama

     Committee Member:      Artwork(s):

Jichen Zhu

     Art Paper Jury Member:

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